Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Introduction to trust in CRN

quoted from BWN lab

CRN: Cognitive Radio Network
Cognitive Radio:
1. It knows the current degree of needs and future likelihood of needs of its users.
2. Learns and recognizes usage patterns from users.

Cognitive Radio Capability
1. Reconfigurable
2. Cognitive

1. Primary system (including licensed band and unlicensed band)
2. Cognitive radio system

The Definition of Trust
1. Trust of a party X to a party Y for a specific services S is the measurable belief of X in that Y behaves dependably for a specified period.
2. Trust can be seen as a directional relationship between trustor and trustee.

Trust Categorization
1. Access trust
2. Data trust
3. Operations trust
4. Communication trust

Some properties of Trust
1. Transitivity
2. Asymmetry
3. Dynamic Changing
4. Multi-level

CRN will consist of multiple service providers, access network operators, and different kinds of terminals.

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