Thursday, 22 November 2007

Verizon chooses Nortel for new European optical network

LONDON -- Nortel will deploy a new ultra long haul optical network across Europe to enable Verizon to meet the increasing network demands of its service provider and large enterprise customers and deliver high-bandwidth services like video and online gaming.

The multi-million dollar deal includes a Nortel Metro Ethernet Networking solution that will support Verizon’s planned introduction of 10G services and the emerging 40G services that may be introduced in the future.

“Verizon has taken a bold, forward-looking approach to building out its network,” said Philippe Morin, president, Metro Ethernet Networks, Nortel. “It provides the ability to deliver the bandwidth capacity that service providers and businesses require today and the critical ability to evolve seamlessly to 40G when needed.”

“Of course the true beneficiaries are the end users who will gain unrestricted access to new, high-bandwidth services and applications, such as video, advanced business services and multimedia communications. This development also supports the coming megatrend of Hyperconnectivity, where every device that should be connected to the network, will be connected.”

The new network will carry more than 80% of Verizon’s European network traffic and will be deployed across multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In addition to providing increased bandwidth, the new next-generation, ultra-long haul optical network allows Verizon to reduce costs as it simplifies network operations and requires less equipment.

Nortel is the sole supplier of the Adaptive, All Optical Solution and Nortel Global Services is assisting with the deployment to provide a turnkey solution for Verizon that will include integration into existing management systems and Network Operation Center facilities.

The new Verizon optical network is based on the Optical Multiservice Edge 6500, a next-generation optical convergence platform. The solution also features Nortel's unique electronic Dynamically Compensating Optics (eDCO), which simplifies networking by extending 40G wavelengths over thousands of kilometers without requiring dispersion compensation modules, greatly simplifying the network.

Verizon is also using the Common Photonic Layer (CPL) which will enable migration to a more agile, adaptive, all optical intelligent network. Nortel’s Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing (ROADM) technology is also included in the solution to make it easy to add and route new services, resulting in a more cost-effective, reliable infrastructure. In addition, the Nortel Optical Network Manager will provide the required operations, administration and management for the new network.

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