Monday, 7 May 2007

Digital Life Style

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4C: consumer products, car entertainment, communication, computer network

The difference between consumer and PC
What’s the difference when you stay in living room and study room?
You will spend much time to learn how to use Office/PowerPoint/ Outlook.
You won’t spend even a minute to learn how to use the TV remote controller.

Therefore, consumers don’t care about hardware inside but the functions and interface. It should be easy to use.

A fail example-PMP(Portable Media Player)
You can do other activities when you listen to music.
You can download music through internet in 1 minute.
The LCD panel of PMP is too small for use

A successful example-Digital Photo Frame
Put digital photos on the digital photo frame. It’s a simple concept and very useful.

Key feature of DPF -Functions in 2007
1. JPEG/TIFF/GIF/BMP/Raw data/
2. MPEG H.264
3. Speaker inside with audio decode functions
4. WiFi/ Power line network inside with DLNA
5. Support direct connection to Flickr, Picase, Webshots
6. Bluetooth and Digital TV function inside.

Digital home applications
1. DMA(digital media acceptor): Transmit the movies from computer to TV
2. IP STB: video on demand
3. IP TV: Encode cable TV signals and transmit to 3G mobile phone

Key features of digital consumer products
1. Must to have
2. Easy to use
3. Low cost
4. Low noise( without fan)
5. Low power(Especially for portable devices)
6. Internet connection (Nice to have)
7. Wireless (Nice to have)

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