Sunday, 20 May 2007

A New Video Coding Standard in China

What's AVS?
“Audio and Video Coding Standard” A second generation source coding standard developed by AVS workgroup of China.

1. Inter prediction( Progressive and Interlaced): P frame and B frame
2. Interpolation: AVS supports to quarter-pel MV precision
3. Intra prediction(Luma and Chroma)
4. Transform coding: Coding scheme-> Transform -> Quantization
5. Entropy coding: Exp-Golomb coding for all syntax elements
6. In-loop deblocking: Determine boundary strength by coded model and apply filter of different strength.

To know more details, you can check the following website.


Sean Liang said...

Ye, AVS, That's What exactly I was working on when I was in Hong Kong...

Rick said...

Why were you working in Hong Kong? I think you are a student now, right?